October 30, 2006

Blog or Die

Have you noticed that HairyAlien has been on a little unplanned hiatus? What can I say--I just haven't felt the push to blog in many months. I thought perhaps it's been the sometimes overwhelming task of balancing motherhood and life and work or maybe my priorities simply have changed or perhaps it's just that I've misplaced my time-management skills in the last six months. But then, I thought, I also have been suffering something of a blog identity crisis as I tried to "define" what kind of blog I wanted HairyAlien to be. Baby blog? Craft blog? Food blog? Blog where friends and family can read about my daily doings, however mundane? Do I even need to define my blog? I was attempting to articulate the problem for myself and for you, you loyal few readers, when I read that Shokufeh has been enduring the same challenges and wrote about it quite eloquently.

Her solution (and mine)? NaBloPoMo, a bootcamp for delinquent online writers that has been launched by Mrs. Kennedy at Fussy.org. The idea is that you post to your blog every day in the month of November. This is exactly the kind of nudge I need to get going again. I'm interested to see what range of subjects my posts will take on once I'm writing every day. And I promise I won't cheat by simply posting an impossibly cute daily photo of my kid (sorry, Grandma).

I've already convinced Byrne to join me in the NaBloPoMo challenge. Are you up for it, too?


1. At 3:39 on 31 Oct 2006 shokufeh said:

I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this blog identity crisis. Hopefully, by December, we'll have a better understanding of our blogging selves.

2. At 8:55 on 31 Oct 2006 /\/\/\/ said:

Oh hells yeah.

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