May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

So many little reasons to feel big happiness this morning:

  1. My boys return home tonight, after their weekend away!

  2. I have an amazing mother and mothers-in-law and am supported, encouraged, and loved by such a wonderful network of women--all of whom I celebrate today.

  3. I have generous and loving neighbors, who knew I was alone today and delivered a plate of homemade challah French toast topped with fresh berries and whipped cream, and a mimosa with just enough Champagne. Almost as much as the delicious food, I appreciated the sight of a pajama-ed, morning-haired little one--something I was missing this morning.

  4. I got to read a good chunk of the Sunday Times undisturbed over breakfast, and I have plans to read the rest of it this afternoon.

  5. Perfect, warm farmer's market weather.

  6. A jam-packed staycation for me that included lunches and dinners out with friends, shopping, a much-needed pedicure, a long walk, reading, knitting, a massage, yoga, crafting, hanging out in the garden, couch napping, and in-bed laptop movie-watching, plus plenty of time to do a major clean-out of the pantry and bathroom cupboards and catch up on bills and paperwork. The perfect combination of resting and nesting!

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