November 17, 2008

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Let this be a warning to you, Trader Joe's shoppers.

Do not buy these caramels. I repeat: Do not buy them. You will see them on the store shelves, tucked in with the rest of the seasonal treats, and at first you will be charmed by their packaging. That font! Those colors! That sweet little lighthouse, like a beacon in the stormy night, drawing you nearer and nearer. You'll be all, I like dark chocolate. And sea salt. And caramel. You will think, just one of these will be a perfect, sweet little bite after dinner. But you will be wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Just try eating one of these.

I blame the lighthouse.


1. At 7:40 on 17 Nov 2008 Mom said:

Hmmmm, wonder if they would be any good with a glass of red wine or port after dinner? No, I guess not.

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