September 5, 2008

Tomato Pickin'

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Labor Day may have come and gone and much of the country is strolling toward autumn, but here in the Bay Area it feels like summer is swinging into high gear--and in fact, it kind of is. Our hottest temperatures are often measured in September--this is the time for sprinkler-skipping and popsicle-licking and tomato-pickin' and those rare San Francisco nights when you don't need even a slip of a sweater (let alone a parka, as you do on most "summer" nights here).
Our garden is spilling over the wall these days, even though we didn't plant much this year: One pattypan squash, a poblano chile, a watermelon (which may or may not fruit; we'll see), an eggplant, and two tomato plants--a Roma-like red and a yellow pear-shaped cherry tomato.
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The tomatoes are going bonkers so yesterday Harper and I headed out to pick some. For dinner, I threw them raw into a cool pasta dish with some lightly steamed crookneck and pattypan squash from Full Belly Farm, some farmers market basil and parsley, and some dabs of this amazing serrano-chile-flecked goat cheese that we bought at the Slow Food Nation marketplace last weekend. I dressed the dish with olive oil, lemon juice and zest (from our backyard Meyers), and a good amount of sea salt and pepper. It's one of my favorite kinds of meals--Byrne calls it "random pasta", but I call it delicious, refreshing, and a perfect mix of the local seasonal goods.
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