September 16, 2006


Get it? Here's a knitting project that was actually a joy to frog. Heh heh.

OK, this concludes the knitting-dork standup portion of this post. Behold, readers, we have here the rare endangered Knittus completus--a finished knit project. Actually, I began these booties months and months and months ago--possibly, they were started more than a year ago. I had intended to give them to some friends who were having a baby boy, and then I lost interest after finishing the first bootie and just knit them a little hat instead. By the time I had my own little boy, I'd completely forgotten the poor buggers as they hid, nearly finished, at the bottom of my knitting basket (they would have been too warm for a spring baby anyway). It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago, when my sister-in-law discovered them and raved about how cute they were that I decided to finish the frog booties already. And, we know a couple in New York who are expecting a boy this winter, so they already have an ideal recipient.

The stats: Mission Falls 1824 merino superwash wool in pistachio (left over from this project). Based on a basic bootie pattern from Family Circle Easy Knitting's Fall 2004 issue; I added eyes by knitting bobbles and attaching small pearlescent buttons to the center of each with black embroidery thread. I embroidered the frogs' mouths in some very-fine-gauge fuschia wool that I found at a flea market and had lying around in the old stash.


1. At 4:18 on 18 Sep 2006 Stephanie said:

So cute! Your neverending talent astounds me. I tried to knit once in 8th grade... it wasn't pretty.

2. At 7:35 on 26 Sep 2006 shokufeh said:

These are adorable! Maybe if I start some now, I'll have them ready for my next child. Or at least a grandkid.

3. At 9:13 on 31 Dec 2007 skrotnissen said:

hey! I just googled the words frog and knit because I am looking for some cute toddler knits with frogs. a friend of mine is expecting and she has a weaknes for frogs. anyway, I found your cute booties and fell in love with them. I`d love to do those, but I am not such a routined knitter to be able to just do it by looking at a picture.
do you have a pattern for those?
happy new year,

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